Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Prawns, Turkey and Crackers

Xmas was a perfect blend of Aussie and British traditions as we all gathered together in the sunshine to enjoy a massive festive feast. This year was even more Aussie than before though as we managed to fit in a quick pre lunch trip to the beach and a cheeky surf on the way to pick up Jez's dad. Dinner in our house has now becoming an Aussie / British Xmas blend. In true aussie style we tucked into hundreds of fresh prawns served with salad, crisps and ham. Followed by a British traditional roasts  feast. Missing my typical British Xmas lunch I cooked up a big Turkey roast and some potatoes and veggies to go with it. Surprising everyone including myself by adding the perfect touches to the feast some Yorkshire Puddings with gravy and some cranberry sauce with I had managed to hunt down from a local supermarket. A proper English Xmas (well kind of).

Following dinner we all chilled out, swapped presents and shared stories and watched as the sun set over the Sydney Olympic Park. Then just before bed we jumped on Skype and checked in with my whole family back home and celebrated Xmas once again. Watching our awesome little nephew who was almost two enjoy his first proper Xmas and seeing the excitement as he opened each and every present was very special and made this another Xmas we won't forget.