Saturday, August 25, 2012

Keeners Time

Keeners Programme

As the days quickly roll by Monday suddenly comes and its time for me to go and join the guys as a Guest Coach for the Keeners. The Keeners programme is a specialist sport camp for teenagers who have an interest in whitewater kayaking. Based on the banks of the Ottawa river the kids aged 13 – 19 join the programme for 3 weeks each summer and receive top coaching from some of the best paddlers in the World. They not only learn river safety and river awareness and have the opportunity to improve their whitewater and freestyle skills but they also get chance to develop their personal and social skills through the residential programme.

Fun times... Its about more than just the boating, honest!

This year I was invivted to join the programme as a guest coach for a week. It was great getting the chance to help out so many motivated and enthusiastic young paddlers. It was great seeing how the programme worked and being able to add my knowledge and experiences to that of the team. One of my highlights of the week was the final day seeing all the kids out on the water testing the skills they had been developing in a super fun and supportive mini competition on the two main waves and then just having fun blasting down the rest of the river too the end.

Great chance to meet and work with amazing young paddlers