Saturday, August 25, 2012

Niagara Falls here we come

Destination Canada

So with the Olympics finished, for us anyway, its time to head off on the next adventure. After another quick turn around and chance to catch up with my mum, I meet up with Islay and we jump on another plane. This time the destination is Canada. We arrive in Toronto and make our way to Murky Waters to meet Ed and Mariola and float test my new squirt boat. Its super exciting as I have no idea what the finished boat will look like. Back home I had spent several weeks working with designer and good friend Rob Crowe putting together a funky design pattern which we had sent to Ed and Mariola to apply to the boat. The outcome was awesome. A funky blue and silver boat, covered in metal flake glitter with water droplets and a big ClaireO whirlpool on the back. The new boat a Jim Snyder designed 'Slip' needs to be super small to work best. So a float test is important to make sure it's still balanced and I cans till actually fit in it. After 5 / 6 chops its looking perfect. It floats balanced and pretty low but this new design also still has loads of foot room!

Thank you Murky Water
Photos of the finished boat will follow as soon as its complete :o)

With the float chop done its time to leave the boat once more in the technical hands of Ed to seam together and finish off. I am amazingly lucky to have Murky Water joining my support team this year and I am look forward to representing Murky Water out on the water across the World. Thank you Ed and Mariola.

Islay loving the weather at Niagra

Next stop on our tour is Niagara Falls. Being only an hour away from Murky Water its inevitably worth a quick trip. Its incredible to think that this is the 2nd of the '7 Wonders of the World' that I have seen in less than 6 months.

Can you see a line?

Niagara Falls is beautiful. The colour of the water and magnitude of the falls just makes you sit and watch. The amount of midst bouncing up off the water and rocks at the bottom of the falls is incredible. It is hard to look at the falls and not try and work out the safest kayak line down it! I find one but immediately know there is no way I would personally consider running it.

Last view of Niagara Falls

Within no time all the watching water stimulates our will to go kayaking so we are on our way again. This time the destination is the Ottawa.