Thursday, December 31, 2015

End of Year Review 2015

Kick starting 2016 by reflecting on 2015 and what an awesome year its been. Engagement to my best friend Jez Jezz​, world medals, a gorgeous new nephew, amazing travel all over the world with great friends it really has been incredible.

As with all years along with the massive highs this year has also had its challenges and lows, some you may know over and some you may not. But all of it, the highs and the lows make our life what it is, they shape us and make us who we are as people, show us the value and importance of spending quality time with family, friends and the true value of life, making the most of every day and enjoying life to the full.

As the new year now begins all around the world, I want to wish all my friends and family and paddling community around the world a very Happy New Year. May it be filled with friends, family, good health and happiness and many epic adventures.

Part of my journey as an athlete is to document my journey each year. I do this with an End of Year Review. Here is my 2015 End of Year Review.

Thank you to everyone who shared these adventures with me and helped make it such an awesome year.

Happy New Year