Friday, August 31, 2012

Pigeon Hole, TN

Relaxing after a long journey South!

After a 2 day and over 20 hour drive we arrived late at the Jackson RV at Pigeon Hole, Tennessee. Word is the water is on tomorrow from 1 – 6pm and then there will be no other practice sessions before the event starts next week.
Pigeon is a great freestyle feature that has been built by hand by the local raft guides

We have a steady start, a nice massive american breakfast, and then head to the river. Sat behind the rafting companies main buildings this sweet little hole has been built by hand by several of the raft guides. Dam released, warm water and super fun. As a stable slow, deep, retentive feature, its perfect for a World Cup event and almost reminds me of a more natural inlet gate. We spend the day testing it out. Luckily everyone else is already at Rock Island so we pretty much have the place to ourselves so get plenty of rides and have loads of time to figure out a run plan. I'm already really looking forward to this event. Its going to be super fun especially as this is very much my kind of feature. After several hours on the water we are all exhausted and ready to move on. We drive the 3 hours south and join everyone else in Rock Island, Tennessee.

Watch out Rock Island here we come...