Tuesday, April 18, 2017

6 Degrees Fit

Training in Sydney is hard. Like really really hard and I love it. I'm extremely lucky to be sponsored by 6 Degrees Fit, a personal training fitness company based in Sydney who make sure that I stay in shape in the off (water) season.

Abel and his team run daily training sessions that focus on everything and I must say I love it. Even when I'm traveling the world paddling I miss these awesome sessions and look forward to coming back. This year with things so hectic with New Zealand, coaching, renovating, family, friends and the wedding i=I've been completely off track and I'm feeling and seeing the effects. So I'm super excited to spend the next 2 months with Abel and his crew getting back in shape and ready for this years season to kick off.

Here is a clip of an epic session we did last week. This was half way through a massive session.

Off the water training is so important to ensure I stay as injury free as possible throughout the year. It also keeps me mentally and physical on track especially when i'm in places where access to proper on the water training is difficult.
If your based in Sydney and are looking for a world class training programme. No matter your age or fitness level check out the sessions on offer at 6 degrees fit. The team there are amazing and its a great crew of motivated people who train together. If you live in Sydney check they are offering a one week free trial so you can come along and see if its for you.